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As a client, you will not just be another number in the gym. All sessions are held by a qualified Personal Trainer at all times and session numbers are limited, to ensure you will receive technique advice and encouragement to ensure results.

Ladies Only

Sessions are exclusively ladies only. No intimidation. Just a fun and supportive environment for you to reach your goals surrounded by likeminded women.


Training directly with Amanda, you will be accountable to the goals we set together before your first session. We ensure you are getting and seeing the results you want and we will consistently push you further towards them.


All sessions include a range of training styles, from HIIT to cardio, to strength & conditioning and boxing. Each session is unique and keeps your body guessing and the results coming.

24/7 Support

Contact Amanda directly in between sessions for support. Receive nutrition guidance, lifestyle coaching and general wellbeing advice in between to stay accountable and motivated towards becoming the best version of yourself.


"Starting my journey was difficult emotionally and physically, however Amanda has led me through every minute of every session , changing my negative way of thinking into a fun and positive outlook. Amanda's 24/7 support has been incredibly passionate. Making lifestyle changes is a hard lesson but knowing your PT has your back, lessens the tears and lightens the path ahead. I am thankful and grateful everyday that I chose ALF for my journey." - Anj


"I have loved working out with Amanda - she has shown me so many new exercises that challenge me yet I enjoy it!! Amanda has opened my eyes to simple changes that have been made in my diet which are now everyday foods! She makes you accountable which makes you stop and think about what you are doing and why!!! I'm so glad that I made the decision to make Amanda my personal trainer and now friend!" - Lauren